8 Side Hustles That Can Make You Money Fast in Kenya

If you have been wondering how you can make some extra cash on the side this article is for you.

It is true that times are hard, and a side hustle might be just what you need to turn things around.

But just so that we are on the same page;

A side hustle is any activity, project or undertaking that makes you extra cash outside of your day job. Mostly you will be using a skill you already have or exercising a passion that you have been harboring for some time.

This makes it fun and the initial investment is not as big as say when starting a formal business. A side hustle can be a good way to boost your income enabling you to meet financial goals such as saving for college, paying utility bills etc.

If you are looking for a much needed financial boost, here are some 8 solid side hustles that can get you going:


1. Baking

If you have a passion and skill for baking cakes and pastries you can start baking from home in the evenings and weekends. Your immediate family can act as guinea pigs to give you genuine feedback on taste and presentation.

Baking does not require a big initial investment but you will need an oven, some baking pans and of course ingredients. If you are an amateur baker you can better your skills by watching free YouTube videos of experienced bakers doing their thing.

You can also join one of the numerous baking groups on Facebook where you can get ideas, support and tips on how to improve.

You can then start selling to your extended family, neighbors and work colleagues. To take your hustle to the next level, post your finished cakes on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram and you are bound to get orders.

I know a baker who started this way and got gradually got so busy with orders that they quit their day job for the side hustle!


2. Online Writing

Think about the internet and all the content on it. Someone has to be writing it! If you enjoy writing and have a good command of grammar (if not this might not be for you) you can get plenty of work as a freelance writer.

In recent times online writing has become very popular. The beauty is that you can pick what to write based on your interests, when to write, how much to write etc. Not to give the impression that it is easy, you must put in genuine hard work.

There are many sites online giving advice on how to get started. A good example is this article by Walter Akolo, a successful Kenyan internet entrepreneur.

In this article Walter gives great information on where to start and examples of writing sites that you can consider.


3. Airbnb

Not a very conventional way of earning an extra income especially here in Kenya but Airnb is hugely popular in the west. Thankfully, it is making its way into Africa as well.

This is how it works. If you (or your parents) have an extra room in your house you create a ‘listing’ with Airbnb. This is like a profile for your house where you describe the place and upload photos.

You can then come up with some rules, pricing and set your availability. Guests looking to come to your area can then see your listing and make inquiries.

Other than earning you that much needed extra income Airbnb is a great way to interact with people from different places and a chance for you to teach them your culture and even make new friends!


4. Book Keeping/ Accounting

If you are an accountant conversant with book keeping, taxation and making returns you could be sitting on a gold mine.

There are many small businesses that could do with a freelance accountant who comes in once a month to balance the books for a small fee.

KRA has become very aggressive with tax returns and there are many people who do not understand what to do and would be willing to pay for this service.

You can start by advertising your skills on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


5. Farming

Do you have a piece of land lying idle or not being used constructively?

You can choose to grow vegetables or even rear pigs, chicken or rabbits.  All the above are in high demand. Rearing chicken or rabbits does not require very much space and you could soon be on your way to selling them.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach and peppers are good options for a small space. While this particular hustle might require a bit of capital to start and take more of your time it is possible to get very handsome returns.

A good way of marketing is to deliver it to people’s doorsteps. For the convenience many people will be willing to pay higher for fresh farm produce.


6. Selling Second Hand Clothes

Let’s face it. The second hand cloth industry is big in Kenya. If you are a good salesperson you can make quite a bit in this hustle. 

Women and children’s clothes are especially in much demand. The selling point is convenience and price. By selecting a few items of high quality but well priced you can easily sell to your work mates, neighbors and even build and online reputation.

Many people know where good second hand clothes come from, places such as Gikomba market but very few will be willing to go all the way.

You can capitalize on this.


7. Catering for Events/ Personal Chef

Are you a good cook? Do you enjoy trying out new recipes? You can turn this passion into cash. As people get busier with life and work they may not have time to cook elaborate meals for their families or even when entertaining friends.

You can advertise your services to cook for family gatherings, birthdays, baptisms etc. You can also package yourself as a personal chef.

If you are a very good cook you can also teach other people how to cook for a fee and maybe write a cook book that you can sell online.


8. Social Media Manager

Are you always on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter? You can easily turn this habit into ready cash.

Businesses, celebrities and media personalities need to be on multiple social media platforms to connect with their followers. Many of them do not have time, or the right skills to keep up with it all.

This is where you come in! As a  social media manager you will  run the client’s social media accounts, update them, write and post content, give information on their calendar, events etc.

A good way to get started is to go through the social media accounts of a company you are interested in, or of your favorite celebrity. You can immediately tell if they are doing a good job with it or not.

Note areas that need to be improved, and infact come up with ideas on how they can improve, and offer to do it for them!

You can then pitch the same to several other possible clients and you will soon be on your way to making some good cash.


As demonstrated above, there are many ways of making that extra buck, if you only take the first step, work hard and be consistent.

Which side hustle do you think you want to try?

Or perhaps there is something that works for you that we didn’t mention.

You can let us know about it in the comment box below.

Good luck!



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