5 Common Interview Mistakes to avoid

You have finally landed a job interview, congratulations. How you conduct yourself at the interview will determine whether you get the job or not. Here are 5 interview mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

1.Arriving Late

Presumably, you will have known about your interview for a few days, even weeks, before you go. There is therefore no good reason why you should be late. If you do not know where the company offices are, take a dry run some days before to see how far the company is, map a route, confirm the physical address etc. This will enable you to estimate how much time you need to get there and how you will get there on the material day. Plan to arrive half an hour before the interview or even a bit earlier. This will give you time to compose yourself, check your appearance, register if that is required etc. Nothing gives a bad impression to a potential employer like a late interviewee, and even if they still interview you after arriving late they will already be on the fence about you.

2. Dressing

You might think that you want to wear something that will shock and awe the interviewer into remembering you. Like a bright yellow and red dress, or an orange tie. Don’t. For interviews less is more. Dress conservatively in low tone colors such blues, greys and blacks. Unless of course you are interviewing to be a clown. Also, you do not want to distract your interviewer by what you are wearing. The same goes for strong perfumes and loud make up. Again, less is more.

3. Talking too much

The purpose of an interview is for the interviewer to get to know you and access whether you are a good fit for his company by asking a series of questions. In answering them do not talk too much that you dominate the conversation or give too much information about yourself that nobody asked, lest you end up contradicting yourself. People who talk too much at the expense of others often are self- absorbed, and this is not a good trait to exhibit during a job interview.

4. Sounding Informal

An interview is a formal affair. Whether you are a millennial being interviewed by a 50yr old or by someone younger this is not the place to break out all the slang you know. This not only makes you look childish but reflects poorly on you. Speak in clear, formal language.

5. Contact Information

Make sure that your contact information, especially your email address is professional. If your email handle is ‘hotbabe23@gmail.com’ or ‘partyanimal@gmail.com’ this will make your interviewer instantly skeptical about your seriousness. For the sake of job hunting get a professional email address preferably coined from your own names.



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