The Second Interview


You have been invited for a second interview. Congratulations! This means that you are seriously being considered for the post based on your performance in the first interview. Given the stakes it is not time to relax but you must be more prepared to make sure that you convince the interviewer/s that indeed you are the right fit.

To prepare for the second interview:

Research and learn more about the company and the position you are interviewing for. The best place to learn about a company, obviously, is their website but you can learn a lot also by searching for information on Google. You can learn about latest market standing, awards, work in the community, if it was in the news for something good (or bad) etc. This information might come in handy during the interview. You can also read up on its management, some of whom might be interviewing you.

Review your last interview– it’s important to go over the last interview, what was asked, how you answered and to think of how you could have answered better. Don’t be surprised if some questions are repeated, if they want to get more clarity or to understand you better. If there is a point that you feel you didn’t explain well the first time you might get a chance to do this, so be ready.

Expect more in depth discussion/ questions- the first interview might have been a screening interview, one that was checking for general qualifications. The second interview will be deeper, focusing on your skills and what you can bring to the table. Be prepared to give actual examples of how you will put your skills to work. If you are applying for a technical position you might have to use machinery or equipment so be well prepared.

Maintain professional demeanor – this includes how you dress and talk. Dress professionally even if your first interviewers were in casual clothes. You might be shown around the company, introduced to some potential colleagues. Be polite and warm to everyone you meet.

Salary talk– the question of salary will likely pop up. Be prepared to discuss but let the employer bring it up first. Be ready by checking up the industry average for the job you are discussing, or by trying to find out what other similar companies are paying for the same. Do not shy off asking about benefits that come with the position.

Next step- Do not leave without knowing what the next step is. Sometimes you might be offered the job on the spot.  It is acceptable to ask for a day or two to think about it, but if you are sure that you want the job you can take it right away.

If the job is not offered right away, find out if they will call/ email you, or if you should call/ email them and when.

Thank you note– Make it a habit to write thank you notes to your interviewer/s. It is important because it reminds the interviewer of you one more time. It is also a good change to reiterate something about yourself that will stick with him as he/ they make a decision about your application.


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